The New Cold War, episode MDXIII: The Financial Times on the ‘expulsion of 8 Russians for spying’.

Almost Marx scoffs!

Headline: Nato expels 8 Russians for spying

Sub-headline: Maximum size of Moscow delegation to Brussels headquarters halved as east-west relations deteriorate

The New Cold War reaches one of its many denouements! NATO had once outlived its usefulness with the fall of the Soviet Union. And the American Project of administering the ‘shock therapy’ of the Free Market, upon the misbegotten citizens of the once Enemy. Administered, after the election of Clinton, by Strobe Talbott, Jeffrey Sachs (now in a state of pathetic, comic denial) and one of his minions Zanny Minton Beddoes, now editor-in-chief of The Economist.

But the propaganda arm of NATO ,The Atlantic Council, has become a stepping stone for young aspirants, to enter the Foreign Policy Technocracy. No critics of that powerful coterie, will ever come from inside this hive of political conformists.

One very pressing question might be, how many operatives of the American National Security are employed by NATO. Or is that simply a naïve query , that fails to recognize NATO as just one more arm of American Imperialism. Born of the first Cold War, as an instrument to blunt/confront Soviet revanchism?

Although FDR and Churchill’s bargain with Stalin, is a fact, that can never be faced by respectable bourgeois commentators: posing as experts/technocrats in possession of a ‘knowledge’ not available to the ordinary reader?

Almost Marx

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