The Financial Times on ‘‘a rural primary school teacher turned crusader’: Pedro Castillo. Old Socialist comments.

A selective list of the actors, players in this Financial Times political melodrama:

Alexander Tocas

leftist president Pedro Castillo

Alfredo Thorne, a former finance minister

The stock market slumped nearly 6 per cent.

a hardline leftist, Guido Bellido

Free Peru, the Marxist-Leninist party

global advisory company Teneo noted.

former World Bank economist Pedro Francke.

Julio Velarde, the long-serving and respected head of the central bank,

The reader could construct an essay, that might rival, but be quite similar to Gideon Long ‘news story’, based in an ideological fixation, that afflicts this newspaper and it’s reporters, or rather its opinion writers. In sum, The Left in its various iterations is a political/economic toxin!

Simone Bolivar, Liberation Theology, The Sandinistas, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales are the precursors and possible models for Castillo and Bellido? The utterly unsurprising indictment of the new president:  

Castillo, a rural primary school teacher turned crusader for the
poor, is in thrall to Free Peru’s Marxist ideologues, and cannot be
trusted with the economy.

The leaders of the opposition, wedded to some speculations, of that opposition to Castillo:

Keiko Fujimori

Peru’s close-knit, Lima-centric business community is deeply worried,

The chief executive of one Peruvian company

Pablo Secada, a Peruvian economist and politician,

Other government opponents propose a less incendiary strategy.

“That, I think, is a more advisable path to follow,” the senior
business leader said.

How many times, in the years that I have read this newspaper… It’s almost ‘as if’ a template exists, that offers step by step instructions, as to how to write an attack against any, and all, ‘Leftist Politicians’. Jeremy Corbyn being the most glaring example in recent memory. Hugo Chavez, Nicolás Maduro, Evo Morales in a southern American context! The reader might note that Castillo, in the view of Gideon Long, is subject to what reads like unsurprising Oxbridger class bias: ‘a rural primary school teacher turned crusader’.

Old Socialist

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