janan.ganesh@ft.com re-imagines the political career of Joe Biden. Political Reporter comments.

Mr. Ganesh’s utter lack of knowledge, of the history of Joe Biden, enables his extemporaneous – free imaginative variation- riff on his political career re-imagined?

Joe is and was a stunning political mediocrity! Who is not a pol ‘who anchored the New Deal alliance in the middle of the last century’ ! Joe is a Neo-Liberal ! His notoriously draconian ‘Crime Bill’, and his dire warnings of the morally/politically un-anchored ‘Predators’ was the Party Line of the New Democrats, like Hillary Clinton in the years of the ascendency of those ‘Democrats’. They were the plangent echo of Reagan’s ‘Welfare Queens Driving Cadillac’s’ of ’76 & ’80 ! Not to forget New Cold Warrior Joe:

In his ramble Mr. Ganesh fails the recognize the fact that this is Joe’s ‘Last Act’ or more appropriately his ‘Last Hurrah’!


Joe’s pastiche of ‘The New Deal’ is just that! Its is the political monument to his status as that ‘political mediocrity‘!

Who can forget Joe’s performance at the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings , or his weak attempt at self-rescue, in the matter of Anita Hill ?


Political Reporter


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