janan.ganesh@ft.com on American Decline & its reverberations. American Writer comments

Mr. Ganesh opens his collection of observations, prognostications, larded with the usual self-congratulation, framed by his own ‘grip on logical reasoning’,  with this paragraph:

At its midpoint, 2020 is turning out to be one of the darkest years in the peacetime history of the US. It has also affirmed the nation’s global primacy beyond any doubt. Fear not for your columnist’s grip on logical reasoning, at least any more than usual. These contrary claims are reconcilable.

After his whirl-wind of ‘History Made to Measure’ in all its multifarious iterations, tautology? He takes the measure of The New Deal , that saved American Capitalism from its rapacious greed, a least until the Clinton’s completed Reagan’s Revolution. The last paragraph of Mr. Ganesh’s screed demonstrates a cultivated , not to speak of ideologically fueled, attack on The New Deal: 

This week, the UK government named some policies after Roosevelt’s New Deal, a now almost 90-year-old programme of disputed effectiveness undertaken in different circumstances in a different continent. The way the US continues to serve as a reference point is impressive. It is a vestigial mark of its time as a truly unchallenged power. But it comes at the cost of painful exposure. The world is moving on from American hegemony. It is not moving on from the American spectacle.

‘Roosevelt’s New Deal, a now almost 90-year-old programme of disputed effectiveness’ would be an astounding pronouncement, that an actual Historian might find shrill hyperbole, unless it was posited by a Hoover Institution Fellow. Social Security was/is central to FDR’s vision, and its political/civic prescience. 

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