America in flames, as reported in The Financial Times: Political Observer comments

Three paragraphs devoted to Joe Biden’s comments, ‘the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’ subject to his own attempt at self-rehabilitation, about the irredeemable character of the black habitual offender: the Predator of the white nightmare:

The Crime Bill, the toxic remains of which, places his attempt at rehabilitation in the category of null set! Or should the reader compare this change of heart/mind to Obama’s ‘evolution’ on Gay Marriage? Here is the comment of a Mayor not included in this Financial Times essay:

Headline: Chicago mayor drops ‘coded’ f-bomb blasting Trump’s controversial tweet on George Floyd protests

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) on Friday torched President Trump’s controversial tweet about protests after the death of George Floyd, sharing a “coded” message: “It starts with ‘f’ and ends with ‘you.'”

Lightfoot made the comment at a press briefing Friday, during which she condemned the death of Floyd and the actions by police as seen in a video of his arrest.

“It’s impossible for me as a black woman who has been the target of blatant racism over the course of my life not to take the killing of George Floyd personally. Watching that poor man beg for his life and for the ability to breathe and then watching the life leave him there in the streets I felt angry, I feel sickened and a range of other emotions all at once,” Lightfoot said at a moving press briefing Friday.

“Being black in America shouldn’t be a death sentence,” she said.

Mr. Biden’s comments are just a stale repeat of what I listened to during the 1965  ‘Watts Riots’ and in 1968. The only question of any real interest is how will the New Democrats get rid of Joe, in the most seemly way possible : ‘Due to ill health I must, sadly, withdraw from the presidential race of 2020. I pledge  my delegates to …’ 

Political Observer




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