@FT Macron’s ‘exclusive interview’. Old Socialist …

Macron, who hungers for The World Stage, is interviewed by a not just friendly   newspaper :  He ‘warned of the collapse of the EU as a ‘political project’ unless it supports stricken economies’ ! Neo-Liberalism in all its guises, from Monnet’s Cartel to Macron’s ‘Reforms’ will be/are the victims of The Pandemic! Is my rhetoric too hyperbolic?  

The Post-Industrial/Globalist Economies will make way for the resurgence of The Nation State, in its Welfare State iteration, as the means by which to save ‘ourselves’ from both the ravages of a collapsing , misbegotten Utopianism and The Pandemic? The shared fate of Humanity and all Biological Life, via the crisis quickened by The Pandemic, is bringing the benighted Neo-Liberal Age to its dead end, with breathtaking celerity.  Macron’s newest political ‘evolution’ is his advocacy for a joint virus recovery fund, that sounds like Socialism. How will Macron overcome the long held prejudice, about the Malingering Southern Tier, seems an obvious , indeed pressing, question?     

Old Socialist 



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