More Covid-19 political hand-wringing chatter, from

Headline: Coronavirus and the threat to US supremacy

Sub-headline: Two questions serve as a reality check on excessive American declinism

It has reached such a point that Mr. Rachman feels compelled to link to his January 3, 2011 essay at Foreign Policy titled ‘Think Again: American Decline This time it’s for real.’
Along with his collection of the other political hysterics… American Hegemony is evaporating like smoke in the face of The Pandemic!
Why not look to Political Nihilism’s Prophet in Residence Francis Fukuyama’s ‘The Decay of American Political Institutions’ from 2013?

The Decay of American Political Institutions

The de-industrialization of America was about the myth that ‘we’ were ‘Post Industrial’ & represented an ‘evolution’ in our development. Which was just a way of decimating powerful Unions, and Capital finding sources of cheap labor. The Supply Chain was/is our undoing!


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