On ‘Eurobonds’, without mention of Pedro Sánchez ! StephenKMackSD comments

Not even a mention of Pedro Sánchez’s essay in The Guardian of Sunday April 5, 2020 ?

The end of the E. U., and its single currency, in the Age of The Pandemic, is gaining momentum , or is that too mild a descriptor? Perhaps ‘Hyper-Drive’ , laden with Hollywood Scientific Kitsch suits the compression of time experienced in the wake of Covid-19?

Who can recall the battle between The Virtuous Northern Tier vs The Profligate Southern Tier of the debates, of a not too distant past, through the wrong end of a telescope?

Go to YouTube and The Duran, for an enlightening discussion of the very questions Mr. Gideon Rachman seeks to explore, with his Neo-Liberalism leading the way, while the rest of us watch the slow-motion collapse of Monnet’s Utopia!





My reply to Juan 

Thank you for your reply.  Sánchez wasn’t the only one ignoring warnings, but he is  ‘ And his financial projects are just crazy, as they are designed by the same people who organised the ruinous Venezuelan economy.’  Is the EU about the shared political/economic fate of Europe? Or is it about Germany :the Virtuous Norther Tier’s Saint and Spain as the Profligate Southern Tier’s Sinner? In a Telenovela about a Political/Economic Calvinism of the Saved and the Dammed
The ‘Venezuelan economy’ and ‘Communists’ the obligatory bad actors in your maladroit dramaturgy. 

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