Rabbi Jonathan Sacks & Margaret Hodge, in the pages of The Financial Times. Old Socialist comments

Should it surprise any regular reader of The Financial Times, that it features two of the most prominent, not to speak of mendacious, defamers of Jeremy Corbyn, as somehow credible, on any given subject, after the public record of their mendacity is readily available? The curious reader just needs to check the back issues of this newspaper, for that confirmation.     

Rabbi Sacks opines on the place of Faith in the face of The Pandemic, in full self-congratulatory tribalist mode, that is usual for the adherents of the benighted Abrahamic Tradition. 

Headline: Former chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks on faith amid the crisis

Sub-headline: He explains why this is ‘the moment of moments for faith communities’ and shares his love of music


Margaret Hodge’s notorious comments on Corbyn ‘a fucking antisemite and a racist’ , not to speak of the continuing exercise of her mendacity, extensively reported on in a sympathetic Corporate Press. 

Headline: From Corbyn to Keir Starmer: the battle for the heart of Labour

Sub-headline: The FT follows prominent Jeremy Corbyn critic and veteran MP Margaret Hodge as the opposition searches for a new leader. What kind of Labour party does the country now need? She joins the campaign trail and interviews key Labour figures including Alastair Campbell, Owen Jones, and Jess Phillips about their hopes and fears


Keir Starmer is the New Tony Blair? With the  ‘return to normalcy’ of New Labour , in sum ,Thatcherism Lite,  how might the Party frame its policies, in reply to Johnson’s bungling of the Covid-19 Crisis?

The political landscape in America is changing with every passing day, with Bernie Sanders’ star rising to new heights, while the New Democrats continue to prop up an absent Senile Old Joe. While Capitalism continues its collapse, and the Senate and House are in recess, The Pandemic grows!

Old Socialist




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