janan.ganesh@ft.com on ‘Bernie Sanders without Bernie Sanders’. Political Observer comments

Barry Goldwater, who won his first election contest, in a Mayor’s race, based upon the lie of the infiltration of ‘gangsters’ into civic life! This is the best that Mr. Ganesh can muster? He tries to mask his ignorance of American political history, with the mere mention of Goldwater without , what to name it , selective quotation of scraps of a pseudo- pragmatic political history , that doesn’t quite find the mark? I watched as the the ‘Goldwater Cabal’ purged the ‘Liberals’ at the Cow Palace in 1964! Mr. Ganesh has a nodding acquaintance with American history, yet his gift for stylistic flourishes can’t quite mask that reality.    

Quoting Mr. Ganesh at his most Delphic is always …It fairly sings!

We are in the early stages of one of history’s periodic discontinuities in economic thought. The sharpest, perhaps, since the Opec oil crises that elevated the free-marketeers in the 1970s. Readers will suggest the crash in 2008, after which a biography of John Maynard Keynes announced the “return of the master”. Well, it was fleeting. Before long, there were fiscal retrenchments around the western world. In the US, there was the Tea Party movement, the neutering of President Barack Obama by a Republican Congress, and his successor’s raid on the administrative state. The laissez-faire right was not much less ascendant in 2017, say, than in 2007.

The ‘Welfare State’, and its vigorous Public Health component, is making a ‘comeback’ in the face of a Pandemic, in the watershed of the collapse of the bankrupt Neo-Liberal Swindle. And an utterly bankrupt Political Class: Republicans & New Democrats!

Even Vulture Capitalist and Posh Boy Romney is a ‘Socialist’, now?  He still pines after the elusive presidency! He’s a Republican Joe Biden, sans the advanced case of the predations of old age, although not withstanding an unslakable political ambition, allied to his vacuousness, in sum an iteration of Republicanism Past? While noting that Romney lacks the authentic kind of political uprightness, and integrity, of his father George Romney!   

Final question: What happened to the mythical ‘Self-Correcting Market’ Neo-Liberals?

Political Observer


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