edward.luce@ft.com ‘Beware of Trump’. Political Observer comments

Headline: Beware Trump’s admiration for Putin, Xi and Erdogan

Sub-headline: The US president has made little attempt to hide his respect for strongman leaders

The fate of ‘The West’ was sealed with the ascendancy of Thatcher and Reagan, that gave free reign to the Neo-Liberal Swindle! Too historically sophisticated an answer to Luce’s -the imperative of historical determinism is the natural enemy of the newspaperman confronting a deadline.

The water-shed of the 2008 ‘Economic Downturn’ was the ‘Gig Economy’ that institutionalized ‘worker insecurity’ i.e. the breeding ground for Trumpism, and other forms of political irrationalism. Is ‘The Decline of the West’ in full swing? Or is it just the decline of the once treasured Post-War Liberal Order?

Trump’s political victory has sealed ‘our fate’? All that is left is the hand-wringing of Pundits like Mr. Luce. He attempts to knit together a ‘rational explanation’ for such diverse political phenomenon: the cast of characters is at once small Xi Jinping and Putin, that experiences a kind of rhetorical bloat, to embrace  Modi,  Recep Tayyip Erdogan,  Viktor Orban,  Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. This by way of an exercise of political prescience? Or a self-serving riff on Ferguson’s Counter History before the fact?

The Democrats, under the leadership of Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler, and their  Show Trial of Trump will end in ignominious defeat in the Senate. No matter the histrionics of these political incompetents.  Not to forget the lackluster New Democratic candidates Biden, Warren, and Plutocrat Bloomberg. Where might a Pundit put the Socialist  Sanders in this political equation?

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