Hisham Melhem on ‘Soleimani The Monster’! Political Dissident comments

This vulgar melodrama from Hisham Melhem, newspaperman and hireling of the The Arab Gulf States Institute, headed by the son of the CIA’s Frank G. Wisner and financed by nearly 4 Million budget. This has CIA Front Group written all over it. Mr. Melhem follows the Party Line on the monster that was Soleimani :

‘The general and his men have the blood of hundreds of American soldiers on their hands and, more gruesomely, they inflicted tragedy and otherworldly pain on innumerable civilian victims in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. Isis brought ruin on abandoned, if splendid, historic cities, but Soleimani’s marauders helped destroy Aleppo, a jewel of a modern-day metropolis in Syria.’

Should American readers think of the careers of Curtis LeMay , William Westmoreland or  David  Petraeus?

From Sykes-Picot, the Balfour Declaration, to the Coup of 1953, or to the present, The West and its cadre of Apologists deny that the Iranians can, and will make, their own history, without the tutelage of the superior White Male! There is the rub!
Where else but The Economist or Wall Street Journal  would readers find this brazenly incompetent propaganda?

Political Dissident



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