Franklin Foer ‘defends’ Bernie Sanders by way of a warmed-over defamation of Jeremy Corbyn. Old Socialist comments

To refresh the readers memory, here are three examples of the Anti-Corbyn propaganda from the British Press.

The first is from The Economist that uses a Soviet Socialist Realist painting of Lenin, with the face of Corbyn superimposed over the face of Lenin. A pictorial illustration of Corbyn’s ‘radicalism’ as equal to Bolshevism: pure political hysteria mongering! The second from The Good Grey Times.

The third example is by New Labour hack Jonathan Freedland in The Guardian, that attacks Corbyn as an Anti-Semite:

Add to the campaign of the defamation of Corbyn, by Labour Friends of Israel

This provides some necessary background to Mr. Foer’s second hand animus toward Corbyn. Support for BDS, in Foer World, is synonymous with Anti-Semitism. The ‘right to exist’ is one of the favorite tropes of the Zionist State, and its apologists, except that ‘right’ is not ‘granted’ to Palestinians.

The first paragraphs of his essay are instructive, that ‘Corbynism’ is a political contagion unwelcome in  Foer’s America: 

Even though the polls always suggested the likelihood of Jeremy Corbyn’s defeat in yesterday’s British elections, his continued presence as the head of the Labour Party filled me with a great sense of foreboding. The local press excavated from Corbyn’s not-so-distant past videos that revealed him to be, at best, indifferent to anti-Semitism: as he vouched for the moral character of an imam who had accused Jews of drinking the blood of children; as he championed a mural artist who’d painted a cabal of hook-nosed bankers; as he accused Zionists of lacking “English irony.” When confronted with these statements—there are plenty more—he tended to express irritation rather than contrition.

A venerable political party that poses as the enemy of racism was suddenly and demonstrably rife with it. From the other side of the Atlantic, it was hard not to entertain the anxiety that something similar might plausibly happen here, and soon: In the leftward shift of the Democratic Party, a strain of Corbynism might implant itself.

As I have turned over this worry—the fear that the populist left might replicate the sins of the populist right—my concerns have usually been allayed by the fact that the American version of Jeremy Corbyn is Bernie Sanders. The two resurgent relics of the ’70s left have ascended in tandem—and their ascents have exposed subtle (but crucial) moral and ideological distinctions.

Next Foer compares Corbyn and Sanders beginnings as ‘dissidents’ refracted through Foer’s Neo-Liberal lens.

The reasons to lump Corbyn and Sanders together are obvious enough. During the prime of their political careers, they were both dissidents howling at the neoliberal consensus. Decades of defiance left them as the lone, rumpled tribunes of an ideology that had supposedly been vanquished by history. But when the financial crisis of 2008 stoked raging indignation against the prevailing order, the zeitgeist unexpectedly gusted in their direction. Everything that had held them back—their righteous indignation, their indifference to artifice, their political isolation—suddenly propelled them forward.

The catastrophic collapse of the Neo-Liberal Swindle, rendered the politics of Thatcher/Reagan, and their Trinity of Hayek/Mises/Friedman, as tutelary spirits- whose Temple is now the rubble of The Gig Economy. The notion of ‘Decades of defiance left them as the lone, rumpled tribunes of an ideology that had supposedly been vanquished by history.’ can evoke nothing but derision in the Age of Trump, and the play-acting dull-wittiness, allied to opportunism, of Boris.

Does ‘At the core of Corbyn’s foreign policy is an obsession with Israel, which has manifested as incessant sneering about Zionism.’ Support For BDS is not ‘sneering’ !

Headline:Jeremy Corbyn Endorses BDS Movement in 2015 Footage

Sub-headline: In video filmed in Belfast, U.K. Labour leader says the movement is ‘part and parcel of a legal process that has to be adopted’ Corbyn has since maintained he opposes a blanket boycott of Israel

The remainder of his collection of borrowed animus, and rehabilitated political cliches, is Mr. Foer’s calling card. And the reason for his long time employment by bourgeois political journalism’s publications.

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