ed.luce@ft.com on the Democrat’s ‘abandonment’ of Obama. Political Observer comments on Luce’s clumsy Melodrama

The salient fact that Neo-Liberal Obama has been discarded by the New Democrats, seeking to unseat Trump, is hardly a surprise, except for the prisoners of Corporate Journalism: political scribblers still in thrall to Obama’s almost political ‘charisma’. Obama’s tenure was really the Clinton Administration in its 3rd and 4th iteration.

It is one thing for Donald Trump to reverse everything Barack Obama did. His quest is nearing completion. From the Iran nuclear deal to the Paris climate agreement, Mr Trump is stamping on anything with his predecessor’s name on it. The unfinished task is Obamacare, which Republicans have only partially disabled. It is thus ironic that most Democrats vying to replace Mr Trump would finish the job for him. Very few are promising to restore Obamacare. The main exception is Joe Biden, who, as Mr Obama’s number two, helped enact the Affordable Care Act. Even Mr Biden, however, is conflicted about whether to boast of his Obama association, or change the subject.

For comic relief,if any were needed, here is Mr. Luce’s quote from George Packer:

As the writer, George Packer, put it: “Obama was a technocrat disguised as a visionary.”


Better to call Obama what he is, and remains, a Neo-Liberal, with cheerleaders like Oprah Winfrey,  and the now disappeared Arianna Huffington, acolyte of Milton Friedman. You can tell who a man is by the company he keeps? The Affordable Care Act, that monument to Obama as ‘Progressive’, an appellation favored by Huffington, as technocrat/visionary was/is Heritage Foundation Health Care. How inconvenient to the Obama coterie! Medicare for All was the clear winner in the debate!

P. S. It was a wonderful moment, in the debate, to see Tulsi Gabbard confront Kamala Harris, and her execrable record as Attorney General of California:

Political Observer




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