M. 37% shows his true colors: Old Socialist comments

Headline: Macron fights yellow vest protests with ‘anti-wreckers’ law

Sub-headline: Opponents of planned curbs say they threaten civil liberties

M. 37%’s attempt to bring Social Peace to France has now led him to fully express the totalitarianism of his Jupertarian Politics!

What Financial Times reader can forget this from January 23, 2019?

Headline: France’s richest gain most from Emmanuel Macron’s tax reforms

Sub-headline: Figures reinforce perception that French president favours the well-off and fuel calls for wealth tax


Or this from January 22,2019:

Headline: Paris vows to extend labour reforms despite gilets jaunes

Sub-headline: Macron aides say protests have spurred government to redouble liberalisation efforts

According to Ms Pénicaud, between 300,000 and 400,000 jobs in France cannot be filled because of a lack of qualified applicants — 80,000 of them in the information technology sector.

“Our challenge is upskilling the nation,” she said, adding that entrepreneurs and employers appreciated last year’s reforms to simplify the labour code but that half of companies complained of recruitment problems. “They say: ‘We are no longer scared of hiring but we can’t find the skills’,” she added.

In Mr Macron’s overall programme, Ms Pénicaud said, “in order to reform France to give it a future, to give it economic and social momentum, one of the big priorities is the step-by-step transformation of the labour market”.


Macron, in his desperation to save his Neo-Liberalization Project, with the help of The  Financial Times acting as his propaganda callabos, in opposition to the “casseurs” (wreckers): as the representatives of a French People too used to being ‘coddled’ by the Welfare State, are in need of the corrective of the unpleasant but necessary imposition of ‘Market Discipline’!

Christophe Castaner, interior minister, has led a crackdown on the so-called “casseurs” (wreckers) after groups of mostly young men who joined gilets jaunes demonstrations in Paris and other cities attacked government buildings, looted shops and set fire to vehicles.

The security forces in turn have been condemned by French liberals and the left, and by many of the gilets jaunes, for excessive use of force against demonstrators. They have fired more than 9,000 rounds of rubber bullets, stun grenades and tear gas canisters. Several demonstrators have lost an eye or suffered head and jaw injuries that they blame on the missiles.


Old Socialist

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