edward.luce@ft.com : ‘Trump as Russian Asset’ episode DCCVII . Political Observer

Mueller has indited Russians who cannot be tried in any American Court, and he won’t be conducting any Show Trials in absentia. A poor investment of his fraudulent prestige, of time and absent any self-serving propaganda potential, not to speak of its absurdist potential .
It isn’t the ‘Left’ who is accusing Trump, its center lies in the Clinton/Clapper/Brennan political alliance, and the myth not backed by any evidence- why weren’t the computers and servers attacked by Russia impounded by the FBI, when the charges of ‘Russian Interference’ were leveled by Clinton? In the face of manufactured hysteria ’empirical evidence‘ becomes an irrelevance!

Mr. Luce being a Posh Boy and potentially an Integrity Initiative fellow traveler, might lead to speculation, certainly the sine qua non of the whole of this myth’s reason d’etre, that the charge of Trump being a ‘Russian Asset’ has about it the stench of the Frankenheimer’s adaptation of the Condon’s Cold War pot boiler of the Manchurian Candidate, published in 1959 at the height of  American Soviet paranoia.

As for Mueller and Comey as paragons of FBI virtue, recall the fact that the FBI, and its Directors, were party to the cover-up of the their utterly incompetent Crime Lab, see Tainting Evidence : Behind the Scandals at the FBI Crime Lab’by John Kelly and Phillip Wearne. Cases based on the ‘evidence’ provided by that ‘Crime Lab’ through the years 1980 t0 2000 were thrown out! Twenty years of demonstrated incompetence, not to mention mendacity. A record the FBI would like to bury, with the help of de facto apologists like Mr. Luce.

Political Observer



As that current cliche goes ‘you drank the Kool-Aid’ ! As an American of 17 years I ,like so many others, saw the result of John Kennedy’s death and the publication of The Warren Report: the presentation of the Magic Bullet theory postulated /invented by Arlen Specter, and the 30 foot tower built by CBS to prove the guilt of Lee Harvey Oswald. Even Cronkite couldn’t sell this!
Then, Senator Church’s report that said that there was more than one assassin! My point, who today believes that Mr. Oswald was that lone assassin.
The Warren Commission was run by CIA head Allen Dulles. Kennedy said he would ‘smash the CIA into a million pieces’ over the Bay of Pigs.
I have no faith in the liars Clinton/Clapper/Brennan nor the CIA ,The NSA, the FBI. But I have absolute faith in your gullibility, in your belief in the evolving narrative constructed/confected by this trio of liars and their National Security State allies. Everything they have said, and the ‘evidence’ and their reconstruction of the timeline of that Russian Interference is set in stone like the guilt of Mr. Oswald! History teaches some very valuable lessons: the value of propaganda is that it is endlessly repeated, for maximizing the number of impressions, that then becomes the measure of its truth value.





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