janan.ganesh@ft.com: Trump is not an Isolationist! Political Observer comments

Mr. Ganesh doesn’t offer much in his latest essay. But this one word quote from the Foreign Policy technocrat Richard Haass: ‘Richard Haass of the Council on Foreign Relations suggests “abdication”, …’ What is happening is that the  technocrats, from the Think Tanks and Universities ,that think of themselves as the ‘experts’, that possess a special kind of knowledge, indeed, look upon themselves as the Vanguard of American Foreign Policy, have been ignored by Trump. And they resort to not very sophisticated taunts like ‘Isolationist’: they will not be ignored! : their special status is not to be questioned by the Know-Nothing Trump.

Trump resembles Peron, with a very important difference: Peron let his underlings stir up political dissension , and then he entered the picture as Caudillo, to set things on their proper course. Trump simply goes on twitter, and barks like the dog he is, and then the howling, from the respectable bourgeois sector of Policy Experts, and just ordinary people begins. He responds in his brief and dull-witted provocations- a strategy that is repeated endlessly.

Trump has made the notion of acting in a Presidential Manner obsolete! His utter vulgarity, offends the carefully groomed Policy Technocrat’s sense of what a President should be. He is the Ring-Master that he played on ‘The Apprentice’, cobbled together by the careful editing, in post-production: master shots inter-cut with close-ups, that is the sine qua non of Reality Television: one static shot becomes the narrative continuity , enlivened by actions in the close-ups. Reality is the act of creating it.

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