On The New Cold War & its Intellectual Agents. Old Socialist comments

As much as people might like to see Trump go, they should realize that the price is an increasingly distorted view of Russia as the new Nazi Germany and hence an increasingly feverish push for war.

A central part of this campaign is being conducted at the once bastion of the Left/Liberal Academy,  The New York Review of Books.  This essay by Ukrainian Coup advocate/apologist Timothy Snyder. His latest Anti-Putin propaganda  Ivan Ilyin, Putin’s Philosopher of Russian Fascism is available here, in its extended form:


As a long time subscriber to this once very important tabloid, from 1970 till about 2007, its de-evolution to a publication that reflects the misbegotten political alliance between the Neo-Liberals and the Neo-Consevatives is ….

As for the once ‘Liberal’ Ignatieff, and his worshipful stance to Cold Warrior Isaiah Berlin, see this obsequious interview conducted by Ignatieff as acolyte : ( Berlin, to me, was/ is almost completely incomprehensible! And a fawning Ignatieff is, to say the least, comic! )*

Yet Ignatieff’s  R2P Coterie, whose most notorious member is Samantha Power, has devolved into the twin of the perpetually bellicose Neo-Conservatives, in the name of ‘Human Rights’. Why is this important?

Christopher Wylie, the centerpiece of this effort, is a self-described “gay Canadian vegan” with oversized spectacles and a nose ring who dropped out of high school but somehow wound up working for the Canadian Liberal Party at age 17 under Michael Ignatieff.

Ignatieff was a regular contributor to the New York Review of Books, and shared in both the ‘Liberalism’ of it editors  Robert B. Silvers and Barbara Epstein, and their adoration of Berlin. This publication was the chief exponent of Berlin as one of the great thinkers of the Age.

Daniel Lazare provides the story of the evolution of the career of Christopher Wylie as one of the chief propagandists of The New Cold War.  Ignatieff  was one of his mentors, not to speak of allies, in this political recrudescence.

Old Socialist


*The reader/viewer can see Berlin , here interviewed by Bryan Magee in 1976, a                    more comprehensible Berlin. Demonstrating why he was so popular with those in power, who shared his Cold War values, like the Bundy brothers and the ‘Liberal Cold Warrior’  Arthur Schlesinger Jr.

The holders of the reins of power found the companionship, of a man who could extemporize on various topics at will, and not breech ideological conformity, with a kind of earnest charm, of value as a garnish to their dinner parties . Not to speak of a man who enjoyed the confidences of the powerful and well connected, even if t did not reflect anything like fact. He was the piquant intellectual garnish of many occasions.

Interview of Michael Ignatieff on the Life of Isaiah Berlin by Brian Lamb on CSPAN Booknotes (no date provided)

From the defender of the New Deal Liberalism of Berlin, at least by a kind of philosophical propinquity,  to the R2P Interventionism of the era of The War on Terror, is representative of the political conformity of both Berlin and Ignatieff. The current Party Line was the model to be conformed too, as demonstrative of what was politically valuable/viable.

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