On the political myopia of Edward Luce, episode DLXXIII, a comment by Political Reporter

The reader has to admit that Mr. Luce,as always, has an ‘elite’ view of the American Political landscape: he accepts the political feints of President Trump as part of a long term strategy, instead of what they might be, sewing the seeds of political chaos. And observing which of his feints takes root in the minds and thoughts of both the Commentariat and his voter base. Or even just for the satisfaction of being the catalyst that continually keeps his opposition in a state of politically exploitable confusion.

While Mr. Luce is otherwise engaged, here are some news stories that describe the actual American political landscape: the next two news items for the  John F. Harris and Jim VandeHei’s  Washington political Gossip, Sheet Politico:

Headline: Ryan disappoints his friends with Obamacare replacement bill

Sub-headline: Close allies in conservative policies circles found little to love with the GOP’s health care proposal

By 03/08/17 05:20 AM EST

‘House Speaker Paul Ryan has long been the darling of conservative policy wonks. But on one of the biggest days of his political career, when House Republicans released their much-anticipated Obamacare replacement, many of Ryan’s closest friends in the conservative intelligentsia expressed disappointment — if not outright dismay — with the legislation bearing the speaker’s imprimatur.

Indeed, virtually every prominent conservative health care expert — precisely the sort of ideological allies who have backed Ryan in the past — panned this legislation.’


Or this:

Headline: Heritage Foundation’s cozy relationship with Trump put to test

Sub-headline: The Trump-blessed plan to repeal and replace Obamacare has already strained the think tank’s relations with the administration.

By and

03/08/17 05:51 PM EST

‘Heritage Action, the 501(c)(4) associated with the foundation, quickly bashed the bill on Tuesday, calling it “bad politics and, more importantly, bad policy.” Former Sen. Jim DeMint, Heritage Foundation president, is slated to go to the White House later Wednesday to discuss the bill with Trump, according to a Heritage source, part of Trump’s broader push to win over conservative groups.

Interviews with more than a dozen Heritage staffers, many of whom worked on Trump’s presidential transition team, give an inside look at how the group is trying find middle ground between agitator and deal maker.

Before the draft Obamacare repeal bill even came out, DeMint said Republicans never would have found themselves in this situation had they scrapped Obamacare right away.’



On the vexing question of the Sessions recusal, and its unpredictable political consequences, see this essay at The Intercept:

Headline: Sessions’s Recusal Gives Senators Powerful Leverage to Demand Russia Special Prosecutor

By Jon Schwarz

‘Now that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from any involvement in investigations by the Justice Department involving potential Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, the authority to make decisions on the issue — including whether the appointment of a special prosecutor is necessary — falls to the deputy attorney general.

This turn of events gives the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee the power to demand a special prosecutor, if they choose to wield it.

There is currently no permanent deputy attorney general, just Acting Attorney General Dana Boente, a former U.S. Attorney who stepped in after Sally Yates, an Obama appointee, was fired. However, Donald Trump’s nominee, U.S. Attorney for Maryland Rod Rosenstein, will undergo confirmation hearings with the Senate Judiciary Committee this month.

And those Judiciary Committee members can now ask Rosenstein to commit to naming a special prosecutor before voting whether to send his nomination to the full Senate.’

The object lessons of the Nixon, Reagan and Clinton Special Prosecutors hasn’t registered with Mr. Luce, much less on the Bannon/Pence political experts who are ‘managing’ Trump. Even if Mr. Luce’s dithering conjectures come to pass, there are other Crises, taking shape in the political present, waiting in the wings.

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