At The Financial Times: Edward Luce on Mrs. Clinton, or Political Myopia: a comment by Almost Marx

Is the Luce political myopia ever a surprise? There is so much here, but read this paragraph for confirmation of his myopia that rivals Mr. Magoo’s!

What should most concern the anti-Trump forces? Mrs Clinton’s biggest hurdle is the depth of hatred for her across large parts of America. Personally, I have always found Hillaryphobia hard to fathom. As first lady in the 1990s, she was hated for being a creature of the left — her supposed radical feminism and her push to enact leftwing healthcare reform. Nowadays she is reviled for the opposite reasons.

All one need do to fathom the ‘hatred’ of Mrs. Clinton, and her partner Bill, is to look to the Neo-Liberal policies they both enacted: Financial Reform, Welfare Reform and the utterly notorious ‘Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act’: Mrs. Clinton’s race baiting was of the shameless variety, now erased from history under an impasto of ‘Public Relations’, delivered by her political surrogates, believable except for those of us who witnessed it! Mr. and Mrs. Clinton enacted into Law what Reagan dared not!  And Mrs. Clinton’s adaptation of the Heritage Foundation Health Care plan qualifies as a purely Market based solution i.e. a gift to the Insurance Companies, to characterize it as ‘Left’ is stunning in it’s mis-perception, or just utterly superficial. The rest of the essay I’ll leave to others to pick over. It is a mine of respectable bourgeois political chatter.

Almost Marx



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