My reply to Chris C. at Prospect

Chris C.
Thank you for your comment. As Yanis Varoufakis pointed out the EU began life as a cartel, although eventually garnished with the trappings of Democracy, and from my point of view   needs to be reformed, from the ground up. The Greek Crisis is left unmentioned in the current postmortems on the Brexit, the harshest kind of object lesson as to the character of the EU, led by 4 time defaulter Germany, Merkel and the European Central Bank, as the Virtuous Norther Tier enactors of the strong medicine of Austerity, on the profligate Southern Tier, or so the apologists for the contemporary political orthodoxy proclaimed loudly. The purest kind of hypocrisy and not lost on the voters of the referendum, although the xenophobia, political paranoia led from the Right was rightly called out in the press. The Rebellion Against the Elites, as posited by The Financial Times, happened and is happening for a very compelling reason: the collapse of codified Neo-Liberal policies in 2008 and the current economic doldrums. The lack of a return to something like prosperity allied to the glaring rise in inequality in the West, as Piketty’s book rightly and compellingly argued, to the consternation of a press in thrall to Neo-Liberalism as revelation.
Mr. Greenwald focuses in his essay on an Elite that has been consistently, persistently wrong on economic, political, foreign policy and are now looking for someone on which to place blame, for that eclipse: Farage, The Brexiteers, Trump, Le Pen are the perfect culprits in a game of deflection of blame. Read the Financial Times, the Economist or Mr. Grayling to chart the evolving Party Line, as it is shaped by the self-exculpatory chatter of the technocrats and their political/economic allies.


What to do about the referendum result?

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