At The Financial Times: Gideon Rachman on American Global Decline, a comment by Almost Marx

As usual Mr. Rachman faithfully conforms to the latest iteration of Political Orthodoxy: American Decline, American Retreat from World Dominance and other such locutions, favored by both Neo-Cons and their R2P political allies. The rise of the twin myths of Russian revanchism and Chinese Hegemony are now part of that Political Orthodoxy.  Mr. Rachman becomes bellicose when challenged by his readers. Those readers think that the price of a subscription entitles them to unfettered access to the comments section! Well, a Capitalism allied to the prerogatives of an American National Security State, and it’s running dogs, to use a Marxist, or is it  Maoist, cliche that definitely applies, are in charge,  so be forewarned this is not a Democracy!

Almost Marx

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