At The American Interest: NMG takes the political measure of Jeremy Corbyn, some considerations by Political Reporter

Surely one shouldn’t be surprised at the screeching anti-leftism of the Neo-Cons. Considering that Irving Kristol and his fellow travelers started out as leftists. For confirmation of this assertion see Murray Friedman’s ‘The Neoconservative Revolution, Jewish Intellectuals and the Shaping of Public Policy’ published by Cambridge University Press, in which he chronicles the origins of Neo-Conservatism on the left of the political spectrum: City College in the 1930’s in Alcove’s  One and Two. See chapter two titled ‘The Premature Jewish Neoconservatives’ for that portion of the history. The anti-leftism that NMG manifests in his essay on Corbyn as a politically incompetent menace hews to that tradition of denial.

First look at the rubric, that introduces the essay, in small bold red letters:

Fool’s Paradise

Then the headline in bold black:

Anti-Americanism Returns to UK Mainstream

A long quotation from a Jonathan Tobin essay on Mr. Corbyn at Commentary:

He has stated that he considers the United States to be the moral equivalent of ISIS. He is a fervent opponent of Israel and openly sympathetic to Hamas and Hezbollah. He has supported those who promote 9/11 truther myths and praised vicious anti-Semites. He called Osama bin Laden’s death “a tragedy” and campaigned for the release of terrorists convicted of attacking Jewish targets. And he has praised Russian and Iranian propaganda channels and even hosted a show on Iran’s Press TV.

Call this ‘The political Crimes of Mr. Corbyn’, nothing comparable to the effectiveness of Political Melodrama. But consider the long tradition of Left Hysteria in American life: to arbitrarily begin with the Nixon/Mundt/McCarren/McCarthy Generation of Treason indictment of the New Deal is not just instructive but revelatory.

The post WWII tradition of American Anti-Left Hysterics is still active and pernicious, as NMG’s essay demonstrates. A reader needn’t go to the House Organs of Capitalist Apologetics, like The Economist or The Financial Times for a more polished and self-congratulatory form of this political perennial. This reader is tempted to say that the Oxbridgers who write and edit these two publications are beginning to sound like just like the Americans, except for the apposite historical and literary references. NMG accomplishes a vulgarized form of the genre with the help of Mr. Toobin’s enumeration of Mr. Corbyn’s crimes.

Political Reporter


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