Mr. James Mackintosh of The Financial Times on Greek Myths, a comment by Almost Marx

After Katie Martin’s comments on the Greek soap opera, of June 1, 2015 on fastFT here:

What can we think of a newspaper that quotes one of the conspirators involved in the cover up of the true extent of Greek indebtedness, Goldman Sachs, on the Greek Crisis?

Mr. Mackintosh provides the answer with, at first ,some statistical data that acts as garnish, nothing more, to this snide and contemptuous politicized repetition of that, by now, shopworn old canard of the Lazy Southern Tier vs the Virtuous Northern Tier. Add to this the notion of Greek Myths, that makes a heady brew of Neo-Liberal apologetics carefully, but unsophisticatedly confected by an employee who knows the Party Line by heart.

Almost Marx

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