The end of American hegemony is not an acceptable fact, according to Mr. Joseph Nye and The Economist

Is American Power unassailable? Our politics is ruled by two wings of the same Neo-Liberal Party. The Democrats who willfully discarded the tradition of The New Deal for a politics highly tinctured with Reaganism, that made the New Democrats electable in the changed political atmosphere: the vulgarized Free Market Ideology in various iterations. And the Republicans who have sunk themselves in to an unyielding political nihilism, in sum: Government is the problem!
American politicians, both Republican and Democratic, and their apologists in the Press can’t seem to emancipate themselves from their own self-righteous jingoism: the targets for this appetite for war on two fronts: Iran and Russia are two most favored nations for continual demonization and Western provocations. Although the Western Press would deny such a charge, read the pages of this publication as one small sample of such propagandistic skulduggery!
Mr. Nye recites the Political Theology of this historical moment, that is the notion that American Hegemony is an unchanging fact, rather than a closely held belief. Call it by another less flattering name Brezhnevism.

Political Observer


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