Gregg Carlstrom and History: an essay by Political Skeptic

This is my reply to Mr Carlstrom’s essay on the Foreign Policy web site titled From Herzl to Hebdo. Here is an enlightening  excerpt from Mr. Netnayhu’s address to the Paris synagog:

Our president was right when he said that Jews have the right to live in many countries,” Netanyahu said. “But I believe that they know deep in their hearts that they have only one country, the state of Israel, the historic homeland that will accept them with open arms.

Here is the response from his listeners:

Mr. Netanyahu’s audience spontaneously began to sing La Marseillaise, even the person closest to him eventually joined the other members of the audience, in singing the French national anthem.  Call this spontaneous response of his auditors by it’s proper name, an utter rebuke of Mr. Netanyahu’s hysterical ethno-nationalist politicking: aimed at both his domestic Israeli and French audiences.

Mr. Carlstrom uses the opportunity that the French crisis offers , for an extended  report on the immigration of Jews to Israel. Here is an excerpt:

The supermarket shooting by Amedy Coulibaly, a homegrown French jihadi and an acquaintance of the Charlie Hebdo killers, shocked France’s Jewish community, the largest in Europe and the third largest in the world. It followed a steadily intensifying spate of anti-Semitic acts over the past few years: Synagogues and Jewish-owned businesses have been firebombed, and families in religious garb have been attacked on the streets. The victims of last week’s attack were buried in the same Jerusalem cemetery as the four people killed in a 2012 shooting at a Jewish day school in Toulouse. (It is not unusual for Jews from abroad to request burial in Israel for religious reasons: One of the supermarket victims, Philippe Braham, had already buried his parents and a son here.)

On the rise of Antisemitism in France see this report by Sam Knight on the  Mondoweiss web site titled Violence outside Paris synagogue falsely attributed to anti-Semitism(Updated) from July 15, 2014:

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