The Economist scolds Mayor de Blasio: a comment by Political Skeptic

Perhaps,Mayor de Blasio sees Broken Windows Policing as failed i.e.both in terms of the legacy of Stop and Frisk and possibly as the back door for making up municipal budgetary shortages by means of issuing of tickets with hefty fines. Not to forget the Mayor’s lack of a faith in what the Economist swears by, the Neo-Liberal license to steal from public funds: Charter Schools. The price tag 136 million, as of May 5,2014!
This essay, heavy with political melodrama:’The blue thread frays’ was an opportunity not to be wasted by The Economist, about a mentally ill man with a gun, who made a readily politically exploitable statement about police, that could/did serve many ideological purposes, not the least of which was to attack a Mayor with whom The Economist has issues. To protect and to serve does not empower a policeman or a police force with the right to take a life for selling single cigarettes, nor to defend by the back door Stop and Frisk and it’s mendacious legacy! This essay wasn’t Journalism but ideologically fueled political polemic, against a mayor who The Economist judges to be a Leftist: the most loaded word in the American political lexicon. Call this essay a shameful exercise in political pandering, to an audience carefully attuned to the political crimes, real and imagined, of that Left.
Political Skeptic


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