Geoff Dyer leavenes his meditation on the CIA Report with some thoughts on the ‘Deep State’ and a collection of political cliches

In the first paragraph Mr. Dyer’s essay he repeats what might be or is the Nihilist Republican Party Line on the very weak President Obama: not just a lame duck, but on the political critical list, as a result of his political weakness. In the second paragraph he lists the Presidents damming abuses of Presidential power: murder by drone and the War on ISIS. Political gridlock and hyper-partisanship follow, as if the Republicans hadn’t been completely obstructionist since 2008, with varying degrees of success. Redefine Mr. Dyer’s notion of ‘ hyper-partisanship’ as in reality Republican intransigence, if political honesty be the point! Then to add a touch of  near paranoid melodrama to the evolving story line, and perhaps rescue it from readerly ennui, he introduces the notion of ‘the deep state’. Or is this an attempt to pad his essay? It makes for a weak segue to the CIA Report, and the preposterous fashioning of the notion that Sen. Feinstein is an heroic crusader against CIA malfeasance. The value of one speech on the Senate floor trumps a career as apologist for the American National Security State, except that the CIA made an error in judgement and spied on the senator’s committee. The whole of America’s political class, including Sen. Feinstein, are at fault not just the scapegoat CIA. Sen. Feinstein’s delay of the vote on ‘the use force resolution’ regarding Iraq is testament to her political/moral culpability, that has continued to this day.
Political Cynic

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