On Hillary Clinton’s rickety bridge to the White House: a comment by PoIitical Observer

I printed a copy of Edward Luce’s essay of November 30, 2014 on Hillary Clinton:
I printed it last night so that this morning I could read it without resort to the computer. I wasn’t surprised at the ideologically fueled misapprehension of American politics, it is as if Mr. Luce’s knowledge of American politics begins with Ronald Reagan, and that he is incurious about anything besides that historical moment. Mr. Luce spends a great deal of space on the ‘Left’ in this country, the Democratic Party and Mrs. Clinton, are it’s constituent parts. One wonders where Mr. Luce spends his days in Washington D.C., although he did spend his sabbatical year as speech writer for economic buccaneer Larry Summers,and where he conjured his idea of ‘Left’ and the New Democrats, who modeled themselves after the political success of Ronald Reagan is a question fraught – he resorts to the level of political cartoon in service to his ideological blinders. I would quote from his polemic but the Financial Times is quite fussy at any quotation of it’s copyrighted material.
Mr. Luce’s exploits the American political tradition of post war America: anticommunism and the tradition inaugurated by the Nixon/McCarren/Mundt/McCarthy political alliance, except that Mr. Luce’s political/historical ignorance hinders a fuller and more honest apprehension of the current ‘Left’, that in actuality is Neo-Liberalism: Mrs. Clinton and even Mr. Luce’s former employer Mr. Summers. Mr. Luce’s act of reactionary historical re-description came to naught with his readers. Compared to his readers comments, most couched in No-Nothing political reaction, renders Mr. Luce a more rhetorically sophisticated political reactionary. Yet one feels that Mr. Luce did his best to give his conception of the American ‘Left’ a drubbing, that failed to move his readers: the comments section has been closed.
One further thought: to call Elizabeth Warren a ‘populist’, when she is a New Deal Democrat: her introduction of a bill to reinstate a Glass-Steagall co-sponsored by Sen. McCain is an inescapable confirmation of that fact, that Mr. Luce chooses to ignore.
Political Observer

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