Luce,Douthat,Vienna & the almost of the Hegel ‘resignation’: a comment by Political Observer

Recall if you will the Edward Luce essay of November 21,2014 ‘Yes I can,says Obama’:
In which Mr. Luce in his very clever way engages in nearly faint praise for the President and almost scolds the Republicans for their charge of unconstitutional behavior, rising to the level of an impeachable offense, in the exercise ‘prosecutorial discretion’ in the matter of immigration. For Mr. Luce the challenge of writing for the Financial Times, and the mainspring of his cleverness, was not to offend his very conservative readership, while attempting to capture the politics of the present moment and it’s vexing ideological and partisan complexity: his exercise of that cleverness almost succeeded.
For a very well thought out piece of propaganda, that veers close to political actuality, while being carefully massaged even homogenized for more easy consumption, see Mr. Ross Douthat’s essay at the New York Times of November 22, ‘The making of an Imperial President’:

Here is an example of what Mr. Luce nearly scolded the Republicans about, but carefully, self-servingly and ideologically refracted: this is Mr. Douthat’s second weekly essay concerned with the imperial presidency, even though the practice of ‘prosecutorial discretion’ is legally and pragmatically within the scope of presidential powers.
We now come to Mr Luce’s latest essay ‘Washington’s two foreign policies’ published on November 23, 2014.
Regrettably the ‘forced resignation’ of Sec. Hegel was a historical yet to be of Mr. Luce’s essay,although presaged in the ‘looming split in US diplomacy’ remark, he can’t even resist a maladroit witticism, a reference to ‘King Barack’.
The question of Iran, the Vienna negotiations, and the political implications of the Republican takeover of the Senate is explored in detail, well within the parameters of bourgeois political respectability: American political orthodoxy.Added to this the inexcusable lazy thinking of ‘good cop, bad cop’ and ‘kick the can down the road’ !
Missing is the fact that Israel possesses between 100 to 200 nuclear war heads and the means to deliver them to targets like Tehran, Israel has not just upset the ‘Middle East’ balance of power it has permanently altered it in the most insidious way. Add to this the silent complicity of ‘reporters’ and the inescapable reality of the political thuggery of AIPAC, the domestic arm of Zionism at it’s most reactionary.
Political Observer

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