Rich Lowry and The Left. A comment by Political Observer

Everyone to the Left of Mr. Lowry in his world is on the Left! Call that political territory expansive. If anything Mr. Krugman, the target of Lowry’s ire, is a Social Democrat or simply a Liberal in the old sense of the word. Oh my god! he might even be a New Dealer, audible gasp from the Mr. Lowry’s corner.

Never say die on the ACA, Single Payer or Medicare for all the actual ‘Left’ position. Unemployment Insurance equals coddling the layabouts in pure Randian parlance: the battle between the Producers and the Drones, Ayn’s ghost dominates rhetorically, except Rep. Ryan gave that up, it upset the Religious Fundamentalists.The availability of jobs that can support a comfortable life in America don’t exist: the failure of Capital is a reality, but not to our author. Forget ‘moral drama’ and substitute the unending political hysteria manufactured by Mr. Lowry. It may be amateurish and decidedly petty but it keeps his audience happy.

Political Observer



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