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The Quality of Dissent

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Current Reading: The Enemy: An Intellectual Portrait of Carl Schmitt by Gopal Balakrishnan

“The writings of Carl Schmitt form what is arguably the most disconcerting, original, and yet still unfamiliar body of twentieth-century political thought. In the English-speaking world, he is terra incognita, a name associated with Nazism, the author of a largely … Continue reading

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Books of Interest: The Literary Kierkegaard by Eric Ziolkowski

‘Eric Ziolkowski’s monumental study examines Kierkegaard’s “whole ‘prolix literature,’” including both the pseudonymous and the signed published writings as well as the private journals, papers, and letters, in relation to works by five literary giants from different times and places: … Continue reading

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Against the Eurocrats: Ross Douthat confronts the failure of Europe by Political Observer

Despite the celebratory mood of Mr. Douthat’s premature obituary on Europe, in his essay of June 1, 2013 and it’s weak argument: the ‘welfare state’ as the motor of it’s decline. Decline, the idea fixe of Conservatism across time and … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Plato, Derrida and Writing by Jasper Neel, An essay by American Litterateur

Some years ago the intellectual reception of Mr. Jacques Derrida could be divided into two camps: the acolytes,practitioners and apologists of deconstruction and those who, at the mention of his name, exclaimed charlatan, intellectual con man or stronger words of … Continue reading

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