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March 30, 2011

A trio of Ranciere titles

I am pleased to be able to announce the publication of not one, not two by three new studies of the work of Jacques Rancière, one of the most influential French thinkers writing today. Firstly, and slightly belatedly as this was in fact published last year, Jacques Rancière: Education, Truth, Emancipation, by Charles Bingham (Simon Fraser) and Gert Biesta (Stirling), a book that demonstrates the importance of Rancière’s educational thought and how educational theory needs to be informed by his philosophical project. It includes a new essay by Rancière himself and is a must-read for scholars of social theory and all who profess to educate.

Secondly, a book that represents the first comprehensive introduction to Rancière aimed at a student audience – Jacques Rancière: An Introduction by Joseph J. Tanke (California College of Arts). The book explores Rancière’s ideas on philosophy, aesthetics and politics and provides readers new to Rancière with a clear overview of his enormous intellectual output. Engaging with many un-translated and unpublished sources, the book will also be of interest to Rancière’s long-time readers.

Finally, Reading Rancière, edited by Paul Bowman (Cardiff) and Richard Stamp (Bath Spa), brings together leading international scholars in the first sustained critical exploration of Rancière’s work on politics, aesthetics and philosophy in English. The book offers a critically balanced response to the work of this major contemporary theorist, as well as a new interview and a key text published here for the first time.

And watch this space for translations of Rancière’s Althusser’s Lesson and Mallarmé, forthcoming this summer from Continuum.



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