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Let some fresh air into the Brookings Vatican, the stale ‘leadership’ @StrobeTalbott as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith demonstrates the fact that this Old Cold Warrior, and his epigones like @MaloneySuzanne are educated/indoctrinated and certified by each other to parrot to ever-changing Party Line: the current Political Theology being expressed in the last paragraph of Ms. Maloney’s doctrinaire recitation, couched in speculation, which in sum is a defense of the Cotton letter and it’s signatories :

‘Ultimately, the loss of the good opinion of a few Democrats is a small price to pay if the letter hits its real target. The most reliable opponent of a nuclear deal resides in Tehran, and it is entirely possible that the Republican letter has reinforced his aversion to compromise. Washington’s pundits may jeer, but I worry that Senator Cotton & co. may yet have the last laugh.’

‘…the loss of the good opinion of a few Democrats…’ tips Ms. Maloney’s hand!
For an alternative see Philip Weiss’ essay here for a more plausible speculation of the origin of the Cotton Letter:

‘I don’t know who wrote the letter, but I can tell you whose fingerprints are on it: the only folks who are supporting it publicly, the hard-right Israel lobby. Even as Cotton himself splutters on national television, rightwing lobby groups are the main voices out there defending the letter.
Like Bill Kristol of the Emergency Committee for Israel:
Cotton open letter: “Just so you know, we’re a constitutional democracy. Congress (or next president) has a say.” Dem response: Hysteria.
J Street’s Dylan Williams fingers Bill Kristol for writing the letter:
Who gave @SenTomCotton & others the awful idea for the Iran letter? Seems like Sarah Palin-for-VP-level bad advice doesn’t it @BillKristol ?
There’s a reason for Williams’s suspicion. Kristol’s Emergency Committee for Israel gave Tom Cotton nearly $1 million in his race for the Senate just five months ago, Eli Clifton reported. “Cotton received $960,250 in supportive campaign advertising in the last month.” (Thanks to Kay24 in comments).

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